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We offer our clients FREE nutrition advice and support.  With extensive experience and qualifications - we have the knowledge to ensure your diet compliments your training sessions without the need for fad diets or cutting out the foods you enjoy. Working around time and family commitments, as well as dietary needs and likes/dislikes is key for success.  We can attain information such as your basic metabolic rate and average calorie expenditure to ensure your efforts return as results!  Rest assured we have been there ourselves and understand the emotional and physical barriers that arise during a weight loss journey - let us help you on yours!

8 Week Educational Nutrition Course

(private and corporate delivery options available)


Many of us learn better in an interactive environment.  We offer an interactive 8 week educational nutrition course, which can be held within a private group or individually.  Benefit from hands on tasks and demonstrations, as we educate you through the science behind weight management and nutrition.  Although weight loss is simply achieved by a calorie deficit; we understand for the majority of people that it's not that simple.  We will show how to structure your meal plans and how best to achieve a healthy diet whilst also having the foods we all enjoy.  Our method has proven to be highly successful - rather than simply following a generic diet plan, participants will actually learn the science behind nutrient selection.  This allows each person to design their own tailored diet plans effectively after completing the course.  The workshops are split into 8 weeks each with a different topic and can be delivered in person or online for your convenience.


We offer complimentary Body Analysis sessions which allow participants to track their progress. 


This course can be delivered alongside on of our fitness courses for best results - please contact for details.


Lead by Nutritionist & Sports Scientist - Lynne Greig


"This Course Changed My Life"


"Lynne gave me invaluable nutrition advice, positive encouragement and fun, energetic and challenging workouts that myself and my work colleagues have all really enjoyed. By understanding how important the nutritional aspect is, has made me approach food in a totally different way and I no longer see food as "forbidden" or bad, I see it as just another tool in my health challenge. Lynne's easy going friendly personality and her amazing positivity and attitude has pushed, encouraged and motivated me through exercise, circuits and all sorts of fun workouts to where I am now lifting, stretching, pushing and pressing weights that I would never have thought possible a short while ago and to date have lost an amazing 25lbs in weight. I am now starting to have body definition, tons and tons of energy and a whole new wardrobe! So for me my new mantra is Getting Fitter not Fatter and onwards to the next 25lbs with Lynne's help of course!"

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