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Weight Management Courses

We offer an interactive educational 8 week nutrition course.  Your team will benefit from hands on tasks and demonstrations, as we educate you through the science behind weight management and balanced nutrition in an engaging way.  Learning ranges from effective exercise to reading food labels and understanding macronutrients - your team are guaranteed to gain valuable knowledge they can impliment for the rest of their lives.  Our teaching method has proven to be highly successful, ensuring what we deliver is science based and factual as opposed to myths and quick fixes.  The course is delivered in person at a location of your choice by one of our fully qualified nutrition advisor and Sports Scientist - Lynne Greig.

Group Training

We offer corporate group training sessions which can be held at your company base for convenience or at our site at Prime Four.  We provide all necessary equipment and various class styles can be delivered to suit all abilities and group sizes.

Not only does regular exercise provide physical benefits, feedback from our sessions has also shown psychological benefits including:

- Greater productivity of work

- Improved concentration

- Increase in energy levels

- Overall boost in confidence and self esteem

Health Assessments

Our health assessments include various measurements and tests to determine the health and well-being of your staff/colleagues.  Qualifications in anthropometry and sport science allows us to not only take generic assements such as bio-impedance, but also accurate skin fold calliper testing and blood pressure checks.

Testing can include: blood pressure, body fat % (via skin fold callipers), viceral fat count, circumfrences, height, weight, muscle %, body fat % (via bio-impedance), BMI, BMR (basic metabolic rate) and mental well-being questionnaire.  Testing is private and confidential.

We come highly recommended...

Apache North Sea

Wellness Coordinator

"Apache's Wellness Program was complimented by a series of on-site Weight Management and Nutrition presentations by LG Fitness Ltd.  The sessions covered the whole spectrum of nutrition and fitness.  All the sessions were extremely popular and fully booked with a waiting list.  The sessions were delivered in a relaxed and very informative way, and many employees have subsequently made positive changes in both their food selection/eating habits and their exercise regime"

Prime Four Company Tennant

Medical Advisor

"Our organization has used the services of LG Fitness to deliver an 8 week healthy nutrition and exercise challenge to our employees. Participants learned how to lose weight effectively and safely through various virtual and practical demonstrations.  Lynne provided highly engaging, positive sessions on how nutrition can impact on personal heath and wellness.  The sessions were always informative, interactive, fun and very relevant in the current environment.  In addition 84% of participants lost weight and 89% lowered their cholesterol level!"

Awilco Drilling


"It started back in April as part of a Healthy Working Lives activity through work and has continued from there into a new way of life for me.  Lynne gave me invaluable nutrition advice, positive encouragement and fun, energetic and challenging workouts that myself and my work colleagues have all really enjoyed.  By understanding how important the nutritional aspect is, has made me approach food in a totally different way and I no longer see food as "forbidden" or bad, I see it as just another tool in my health challenge. Lynne's easy going friendly personality and her amazing positivity and attitude has pushed, encouraged and motivated me through exercise, circuits and all sorts of fun workouts to where I am now lifting, stretching, pushing and pressing weights that I would never have thought possible a short while ago and to date have lost an amazing 25lbs in weight.  I am now starting to have body definition, tons and tons of energy and a whole new wardrobe! So for me my new mantra is Getting Fitter not Fatter and onwards to the next 25lbs with Lynne's help of course!"

Swire Oilfield Services

Events Coordinator

"Over a 3 month period, myself along with another dozen colleagues had the pleasure of their expertise to transform us from 'desk potatoes' to 'Corporate Challenge Athletes'!  What a whale of a time we had!  Not only did the physical transformations from the before's to the most impressive after's amaze and inspire us, but also the lively chat, banter and fun filled memories that we all shared as a diverse group during the 3 months.  The encouragement, technical expertise, variety and novelty our trainer brought to each and every class, kept us amused and focused on the testing task in hand.  Not only did we have a superb team as well as body changing experience together, but we also gained a very refreshing understanding as to just how incredibly far the human body can improve in such a relatively short space of time when guided under the watchful eye of a technical expert - Our Corporate Challenge Hero!!" 

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